Zero Suicide Consultation

Zero Suicide consultation helps you to establish, manage, and expand upon your evolving suicide prevention and care strategy through access to our ZSI expert staff and national suicide prevention experts.

Zero Suicide consultation may cover a wide range of topics – implementation planning, evaluation, fidelity, strategic planning – and will change over time as your needs change. Consultation can take many forms – monthly or periodic calls, virtual meetings, webinars, in-person site visits – and gives you the flexibility and tailored expertise you need.

Virtual Consultation

We offer virtual consultation via phone, email, and webinar with our ZSI staff and faculty. Virtual consultation calls might dive into the 7 elements of Zero Suicide, the research behind the model, and ensuring your team is on the same page.

For more in-depth consultation later in your implementation, we might review your current policies and procedures; discuss specific implementation challenges; develop a training schedule for your staff; or help you analyze the results of your Zero Suicide Organizational Self Study or Workforce Survey. We could also provide consultation on accreditation standards, ensuring care transitions foster engagement with patients and their families, and financing strategies.

In-Person Consultation

In-person consultation may include a site visit for your team with an agenda tailored to meet your specific needs. Before the visit, you would meet virtually with a ZSI expert to explain your concerns, goals, and challenges in order to develop the agenda. Your ZSI team would review relevant policies and procedures in preparation for your visit. During the site visit, we might meet with your leadership and implementation teams to discuss particular issues. After your site visit, you’ll receive a customized report with actionable recommendations based on our findings that may include resources, specific questions for critical decisions that may impact your next steps, and recommended timelines.