Zero Suicide Institute offers tailored services and unique products that help health care systems and professionals reach their goals

Our Services

The experienced staff at Zero Suicide Institute at EDC help health and behavioral health care systems target their patient safety goals and meet regulatory requirements to provide safe and effective care for those at risk for suicide. Our team supports health care systems as they adopt and maintain Zero Suicide efforts and delivers the research-informed Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk (AMSR) training. We help you to develop a culture of learning and monitor the change management challenges that can be disruptive. 

Our clients include health and behavioral health care systems, federal, state, and local agencies, payers, universities, technology companies, and others interested in providing the most effective and data-informed suicide care practices available.

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We know the process of making system-wide improvements and affecting culture change can be complex. ZSI offers a range of services to support health and behavioral health systems at any state of Zero Suicide implementation. We also support states, federal agencies, centers of excellence, and others championing Zero Suicide implementation.

The Zero Suicide framework is a comprehensive, system-wide approach focusing on patient safety that transforms suicide prevention and care in health and behavioral health care systems.

Zero Suicide Academy®

The Zero Suicide Academy® is EDC’s signature two-day in-person training for health and behavioral health care organizations seeking to dramatically reduce suicides among patients under care.

Zero Suicide Workshop

Half-day, full-day, or multi-day Zero Suicide Workshops provide an introduction and overview of Zero Suicide tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Zero Suicide Consultation

Expert ZSI staff and faculty will help you achieve your specific goals, overcome roadblocks, and maximize the impact of your suicide care practices.

Zero Suicide Learning Community

Designed to aid the long-term success of Zero Suicide implementation, our learning communities are virtual classrooms for implementation teams.

Clinical Trainings

Zero Suicide urges systems to invest in training to ensure their workforce has the competence and confidence to care for those at risk for suicide.

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Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk (AMSR) teaches providers the skills to assess a person’s risk for suicide, develop an accurate risk formulation and determination of care, and create an effective treatment plan. Our in-person training offers clinicians the opportunity to practice and cement the skills that result in ongoing behavior change that increases their confidence and improves outcomes for those at risk.

Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk (AMSR) teaches best practices recommended by the nation's leading experts in the research and delivery of suicide care.

Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk Trainings

Most health care providers will encounter someone at risk for suicide and ask themselves, Do I have the skills to effectively identify, assess and manage their thoughts of suicide?

Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk (AMSR) is designed to teach health and behavioral health professionals how to identify someone at risk, create an appropriate risk formulation, and design an effective treatment plan.

With five curricula available, there is one available for use in your setting:

  • AMSR for Health and Behavioral Health Professionals Working in Outpatient Settings
  • AMSR for Behavioral Health Professionals Working in Inpatient Settings
  • AMSR for Direct Care Staff Working in Outpatient Health and Behavioral Health Care Settings
  • AMSR for Direct Care Staff Working in Inpatient Behavioral Health Care Settings
  • AMSR for Substance Use Disorder Treatment Professionals.
AMSR Training of Trainers

Interested in becoming an authorized AMSR Trainer? At the AMSR Training of Trainers (ToT), qualified behavioral health professionals learn the knowledge and skills needed to join our nation-wide network of authorized AMSR Trainers in one or more AMSR curricula.

Experienced AMSR Master Trainers demonstrate expert facilitation and provide new leaders with the opportunity to practice and receive feedback on key aspects of the AMSR curricula. New AMSR Trainers leave the training ready to deliver training to others.

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ZSI delivers a broad scope of customized products and services. We partner with companies, universities, and innovators to advance best practices in suicide care. Contact us to learn how ZSI can support your safer suicide care efforts.