AMSR offers a number of closed and open enrollment trainings. Find an open enrollment training near you by searching below.

AMSR Trainings

Date Curricula Location Registration
08/14/2019 AMSR-Outpatient Lebanon, Ohio
08/23/2019 AMSR-Outpatient Pendleton, Oregon
09/04/2019 AMSR-New Leader Training Outpatient Waltham, Massachusetts
09/06/2019 AMSR-Outpatient Richmond, Kentucky
09/11/2019 AMSR-Outpatient Columbia, Missouri
09/20/2019 AMSR-Outpatient Hinesville, Georgia
09/30/2019 AMSR-Outpatient Athens, Georgia
10/30/2019 AMSR-New Leader Training Substance Use Disorder Waltham, Massachusetts
11/08/2019 AMSR-Outpatient Kearney, Nebraska