Our experienced Zero Suicide Institute staff are available to help support your organization's transformation toward safer suicide care.

Our Team

Photo Sadé Ali

Sadé Ali

Senior Project Associate
Photo of Meredith Bempkins

Meredith Bempkins

Administrative Coordinator

Photo Chelsea Booth

Chelsea Booth

Associate Director
Photo Sara Do

Sara Do

Business Associate

Photo Julie Ebin

Julie Ebin

Manager, Special Initiatives
Photo An Hee

An Hee Foley

Senior Business Associate

Photo Barb Gay

Barb Gay


Photo Julie Goldstein

Julie Goldstein Grumet

Photo of Seta

Seta Iskandarian

Business & Finance Manager
Photo of Shelby Kuhn

Shelby Kuhn

Senior Project Associate

Photo of Amanda Pliszak

Amanda Pliszak

Administrative Coordinator

Photo Teresa Sherman

Teresa Sherman

Business Associate
Photo Jan Ulrich

Jan Ulrich

Senior Project Associate
Photo of Kim Walton

Kim Walton

Clinical Lead
Photo Diana Weisner

Diana Weisner

E-Learning Coordinator